Part 8: Next Steps and Future Enhancements

Next Steps:

I would encourage you to make a backup of your working code and start experimenting with it.  You can create a new IFTTT alert and do the following on the side:

Create New Alert in

1. Initialize a global variable name to False in __main__
2. Create the search criteria in def fetch_mail() and set global variable name to True
3. Add the below similar code to def check_and_color_code_events()
New Alert Code

Test Your Alerts:

You can view screen output of, for debugging purposes, by doing the following:
1. Kill the version of that runs at startup by typing: sudo pkill
2. Open a new terminal window and type: cd ./AlertsTube then sudo ./

Future Enhancements

* Provide a ‘Quiet Time’ feature, so that visual alerts are not displayed during certain hours (i.e. bed time)
* Add flickering to red LED when there’s a weather or mail connection fault
* Push and hold a button to initiate a software shutdown to turn off the AlertTube
* Modify the steel enclosure, so power cord and WiFi are in the back. Initially, I had planned for the power cord, buttons, and LED to be in the back, but after using it for a while, I like the look of the buttons and the LED, so I’m going to make another enclosure, where those are in the front and the power cord and WiFi dongle are in the back.

Thank Yous

* A big thank you to Jeff Keyzer for his WiFi Radio, which inspired me to document and share this project.

* A big thank you to Zeb Palmer for his work on WeatherAlerts. He went out of his way to rewrite sections of the code for me, which made this project possible.


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