Part 6: Setup and usage

Setup a gmail account:
– Setup a new gmail account to receive Alert Tube email notifications and to get calendaring functionality. Once your gmail email account is setup, login -> click on the settings gear in the upper right corner -> settings -> set ‘Conversation view’ to off -> Save changes. I would recommend starting off with a clean inbox for testing, but this may not be necessary.
Setup a IFTTT account:
  1. Setup a new IFTTT account
  2. Subscribe to Email(not gmail), Google Calendar, and Stocks channels on IFTTT.
    **NOTE** IFTTT alerts work using personal recipes.  When setting up an IFTTT recipe, have the alert sent to the EMAIL CHANNEL, DO NOT HAVE IT SENT TO THE GMAIL CHANNEL!!!  Setting the alert up this way will cause the Alert Tube to not function correctly.
  3. Create your own Calendar Alert and Stock recipe by using mine:
Functionality and Usage:
– Every 10 minutes a weather check, a weather alert check and a mail box check are performed to check for alerts.  By default the color sequence for tomorrow’s weather is shown (See “Alert Color Coding” below). When a personal recipe is matched, like a calendar alert via email, an alert is triggered and the corresponding email is deleted.  The calendar alert(blinking blue RGB LEDs) remains active until the next time the mail is checked in 10 minutes.
*** NOTE *** The weather forecast and weather alerts utilize weather services from the United States of America.  If you live in a different country then you will need to modify the weather forecast and weather alert sources for your own country.

Button Functionality:
– Button 1: Toggles on/off RGB LED visual alerts
– Button 2: Announce today’s weather or current weather alerts in progress, if any
– Button 3: Announce tomorrow’s weather

Alert Color Coding:
Tomorrow’s Weather Forecast
– Rain: Solid light blue
– Snow: Flicker white
– Cloudy: Solid gray
– Sunny: Solid Yellow

Weather Alert
– Alert in Progress: Blinking Red, alert.wav sound played on new alerts

Calendar Alert
– Active Appointment Alert: Blinking Blue

Stock Alert
– Text to speech audio alert provided with current stock price


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