The Alert Tube

The Alert Tube is an open source information appliance that connects wirelessly to the Internet of Things in the cloud. The user interface is dead simple, it communicates data via customized colored light sequences, sounds and text to speech. (Check out the video above.)

The idea for the Alert Tube came from something simple, a clock. You don’t have to turn it on, or boot it up and request information, it simply tells you the time, all the time, without you having to ask. That’s the idea behind the Alert Tube. You tell it what you want and then it continuously displays and/or emits audible information, without you having to ask. Simply walk by and take a glance at it or listen for any important alerts. Set it and forget it!

In the subsequent sections I provide detailed instructions on how to build your own Alert Tube information appliance…

Part 1: Getting Started
Part 2: Install the OS, Setup WiFi, and Run Headless with Tight VNC Server
Part 3: Update the OS, Enable SPI & GPIO, and install modules
Part 4: Add some power, create the user interface and autostart at boot
Part 5: Build the enclosure
Part 6: Setup and usage
Part 7: Python code overview (Optional)
Part 8: Next Steps and Future Enhancements

2 thoughts on “The Alert Tube

  1. This (I imagine) can be made to do so much more in the future. I like the layout and explanation that you have here Mike. I may just have to tinker around with this a bit while I have some down time.

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