Weird Science

I always wanted a video game console as a kid, but my parents never bought one for me. At age 12 I learned to program in BASIC, initially by typing in programs from computer magazines on a TRS-80 MC-10. By the age of 13, I learned Assembly Language using a TRS-80 Color Computer 2. In college, I studied Electrical Engineering and become a chipset Design Engineer, a Field Applications Engineer and later went on to become involved in technology Sales and Marketing. I’ve always been a technologist. For me, it gets interesting at the intersection of where technology meets business and humanity. I’ve been lucky that I’ve always been able to teach myself things. I still want to continue to express myself through my work as best as I can. I’m constantly designing and thinking about how I can customize, bend and mutate the world in which I live. I feel like I have a lot to do – still, I’m a student, and I’m also a teacher. Sometimes it feels like my ideas aren’t my own, but instead they come through me from some place else.

Favorite quote: That which feeds me, destroys me.

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My wife Carolyn’s Blog: http://carolynmackin.wordpress.com/


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